Snakes print off cardstock print at an art show

Posted February 01, 2018 06:04:17By Brian WittellWhen the sun goes down, the snakes at an exhibition in Beijing are at it again.

The exhibition of Chinese and American art prints, prints, and watercolors, titled Snakes, has been running in the Chinese capital for the past two weeks.

It was initially planned to open in late February.

The exhibit features prints from Chinese artist Zhang Hui, who is best known for his paintings of Chinese women and their animals.

The exhibit also includes prints by American artist Jeff Baumgardner and American artist James Wollenberg.

The art prints include images of snakes, and there are several of them.

One of them, by Zhang Hao, depicts a snake with a glass of water, while another depicts a human wearing a mask.

The snake has an “X” through its mouth, and its body is covered in a layer of sand.

The other prints are the prints of a snake, with its tail up, and a human holding a stick and saying, “I’m a snake!”

The two prints are both watercolor paintings.

They were created in 2009 and are the first works by Zhang and Baumgartner.

Baumgartners prints, which depict a human, are based on a painting by William Blake, which he painted in 1895.

The Blake painting depicts a man holding a long stick with his fingers in the air.

Baumgarteners works, though, are much larger, and it takes him about five months to create each painting.

Baums work has been featured on the cover of the art book “The Serpent and the Snake” published by National Geographic, which is published by Penguin Random House, and is featured on his website.

He has also written about the art prints in several books and essays.

The gallery opens on February 3 and runs through March 10.