How to build a 3d printer for free and print anything from your house

Costco has created a 3D printer for a fraction of the cost of conventional printers, with a goal to eventually print all of the electronics in your home. 

The new printer is powered by a Raspberry Pi and can be controlled remotely from your smartphone. 

A Raspberry Pi is essentially a computer that can be plugged into a television.

The printer can be set up with a range of different settings, including temperature and humidity, and the printer is also able to automatically calibrate itself. 

“We’ve created this device to enable the home and the community to take control of their own digital electronics,” said Rob Stokes, vice president of marketing at Costco. 

According to the company, the printer will be ready in about two weeks, and it will be available for purchase in November. 

To learn more about the printer and its capabilities, check out the video below:Costco is not the only company to take a crack at building an inexpensive digital electronics printer. 

Earlier this month, the startup Shapeways unveiled a new 3D printing printer, the Drexel Zeros. 

That printer is available to order now, and its pricing starts at $39.99.