How to create a beautiful floral print with a Brother printer

We love to write flowers, but we often don’t have the space or patience for the messy job.

For this reason, we often end up using disposable brushes and other paper tools to create flowers.

But if you want a truly beautiful flower print, you might want to consider a Brother paper brush.

Here’s how to make a floral print from a Brother print that you can put on a card or display at home.


Clean the surface of the Brother printer ink with rubbing alcohol.

Use rubbing alcohol to remove dirt, dust, oil, and other pollutants from the surface.

The more the cleaner.


Heat the Brother print surface to 90 degrees.

Pour the Brother ink into the Brother paper, and cover the Brother with a clean towel.

Let the Brother dry for about 20 minutes.


Put the Brother into the Printers Ink Carton and open it to the Brother.

Pour in Brother ink and fill the Brother Carton with ink.

Insert the Brother Paper into the ink cartridge.


Print the flower from the Brother’s ink cartridge, and cut the flower into six equal sections.

Cut each section into individual flowers.


Fill the Printer Ink Cartons with Brother paper and the flowers.

Insert them into the printer ink cartridge and close the lid.

The Printers ink cartridges should remain sealed until you are ready to print.


Place the Princes flowers in a flower bowl and put them in a cup or plastic bag.


Put your Brother printer in the refrigerator and turn on the Brother to make sure the ink has absorbed all the ink and paper.