How to be a better golfer: ‘No way’ to be the best in the world

You can’t be the greatest golfer if you can’t hit the ball.

And, like all great athletes, you have to make the most of every second.

But to get there, you can only play as hard as you can.

That means you have have to play smarter.

And that means taking control of your emotions, not just the mental aspects of the game.

The world’s best golfer, and his new book, The Power of the Mind: How to Be a Better Golf Player, talks about his mental state, his mental game, and the mindset he uses to succeed.

“What really separates the best from the rest of us is our ability to feel emotion,” he says.

“So the thing that makes you the best golber is how you manage your emotions.”

And if you have that ability, you’ll be a more efficient player.

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