Which athlete’s photo should you take when the weather gets bad?

The Weather Channel has created a new weather photo app for fans to look at during the winter, featuring iconic athletes like basketball star Kevin Durant, hockey star Zdeno Chara, and soccer star Abby Wambach.

The app features five iconic shots that feature the athletes in the background, with the main camera focusing on their face and the two eyes of the person behind them.

If you’re looking for a more serious look, however, you can take a look at this video of a fan in a hoodie holding up a photo of Wambacha with the caption, “Hey, Abby, how you doing?”

Here’s a closer look at the app:If you’re not too concerned about getting your photos taken, you could also download the app and put it on your phone as a background app.

You’ll see a small green circle that says “background” next to the app icon.

Then you’ll be able to download the image as a wallpaper or a GIF.

The photo is only available in the app for iOS, but the Weather Channel says the app is available on Android and other platforms.

You can view more photos of the athletes at the Weather App store , but if you’re interested in some other sports, we also have some of our favorite photos from the past few years below.