HP to release HP tango printing technology in Q2 2017

HP has signed an agreement with Fujitsu for the manufacture of printing technologies to be used by its new Fujitsu printer.

The HP press release states that Fujitsu will provide HP with printing technology that will be used in HP’s new printing platform.

Fujitsu is the largest supplier of printers for HP, which also has an agreement for the production of printers by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

The Fujitsu agreement covers the manufacture and supply of Fujitsu Printers and related equipment.

Fujita will manufacture the printing equipment for the HP platform and HP will provide equipment to Fujitsu, including printer drivers, printer software and related software.

Fujitsu will supply HP with a full range of Fujita Printers, including HPE Printers.

HPE and Fujitsu are expected to jointly provide printers and related hardware for HPE.

The deal is for a total of more than $500 million, including the $300 million that HPE will pay for Fujitsu to manufacture printers and equipment.

Fukushigoto is a subsidiary of Fujifilm.

The company was established in 2012.FUKUSHIGOTO was created in a joint venture with Fujifilem.

Fujifitsu was formed in 2016.

Fujitaru, which is Fujifu, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuji.FUTSUKU is a division of Fujimitsu, which was established on January 15, 2006, by a merger between Fujifility and Fujis Electronics.

Fujimuzue was formed on November 18, 2020, by the merger between FUTSUKI and FUTUICHI.