Google says it will build a new printing factory in the U.K.

Google’s search engine has long been known for its ability to rapidly produce high-quality high-definition images of documents and documents of other kinds.

Now, the company says it plans to build a high-end, high-tech manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom.

The company, which also produces its own glass products, said Wednesday that it will open its first ever “print-to-demand” factory in Oxford, England.

The factory, Google Glass Printing, will begin operations in 2021 and will employ about 700 people, according to Google Glass CEO and founder Sundar Pichai.

Google Glass is one of several products that Google is working on that are being built in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Pichari said Wednesday the company is developing new products that “will enable users to be part of the fabric of the future.”

Google Glass will be available on the Glass app store and will include a new feature that will let users share information about documents with other users.

Google has been working with local councils and businesses to help build a business environment in Oxford.

“We are bringing people together and helping them build businesses, not just one-off projects,” Pichajai said.

“What we are trying to do is to make it a real-world thing, not a Google thing.”

Google said that it hopes the new factory will create “hundreds of thousands of jobs” and create new revenue for the company.

The Google Glass company, or Google Glass, is an augmented reality device that allows users to make digital photos and videos with a device attached to their face.

Google said it plans on building a high quality, high quality manufacturing facility, according the company blog.