The top commercial printer in the country

HP has a major deal in the works with a major consumer printer.

The company announced Tuesday that it’s signing a $7.5 million deal with Commercial Print, Inc. (CPRI), a printer technology company that produces printers that can be used to print a wide range of commercial and consumer products.

The deal will allow HP to supply the Commercial Print’s products to a range of printers, including HP and others.

The Commercial Print will also work with other HP-branded printers.

HP will also provide its commercial printers with HP’s own printing technology to create its own branded, customized products.

Commercial Print said it will be “providing our own printers to customers in the United States and abroad in the coming months and years.”

The company will work with HP and other partners to ensure its products meet their requirements and that the printer technology is compatible with the Commercial Press’ proprietary technology.

“With the commercial printer deal, we are making our commitment to provide our customers with quality products and services, and provide a platform for others to make their products and ideas available to the consumer,” HP Chief Executive Officer Bob Swan said in a statement.

The agreement will not be finalized until later this year, but is expected to be completed by late 2020.

The partnership marks HP’s first commercial print agreement with a commercial printer company, which is also where the company has its printers for its own commercial printers.

The commercial printers have been used for some of HP’s most important products, including printers used for printer products and software.

HP also has its own digital image and printing services, as well as an e-ink printer for printing ink onto electronic devices.

The HP Commercial Print has been producing printers for the past few years.

The printer technology that HP will be using for its printers is the same technology that powers the Commercial Printer, a printer that is being designed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPPE) for HP to produce commercial printers for consumers.

HP has been working with Commercial Printers since 2013, when the company was founded by former Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman.

The new partnership is a departure for HP, which has been using a commercial printers program for years and is known for its commitment to making sure its printers are compatible with other printers.

With the commercial printers deal, HP will provide its own printers for customers in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

HP is also launching a new commercial printers platform that will make it easier for consumers to print on the company’s printers. 

The commercial printers that HP is working with will be available in the UK and New Zealand beginning next year, and they will be supported by a large range of partners including CVS and Staples.

HP’s new commercial printer deals have been a boon for the company, as it has been looking for ways to make its printers more attractive for consumers, while also increasing its margins.

HP sold its print business to HPPE last year for $1.8 billion.

HP expects to increase its print margins by 30% to 30.5% by 2020.