The real reason why we’re not seeing more earthquakes on Earth

A couple of years ago, a seismic event was recorded in northern California.

Today, it’s been recorded over an entire continent.

The first earthquake of this magnitude in California, which was recorded on November 20, 2014, occurred on November 24, 2016.

The second quake was recorded just over a month later.

The magnitude of the event in California was 7.1, the strongest recorded.

The cause of this quake is still unknown, but the magnitude and location of the first earthquake indicate that the event is likely to have been triggered by an earthquake.

It could have been the fault fault rupturing beneath the surface.

The fault rupture has yet to be confirmed.

Earthquakes have long been associated with volcanoes and earthquakes are common in the region.

Earthquakes occur in places with strong volcanic activity, such as on the Pacific Coast, and in areas where volcanic activity is less intense, such a North America.

Earthquaking is a common occurrence in the Pacific Northwest.

The area in California is prone to earthquakes, particularly when the fault that triggered the earthquake was weak, as was the case in California.

An earthquake that was recorded around the same time as the first one in California can be attributed to the same fault.

This quake was triggered by a magnitude 4.0 earthquake, which happened on November 16, 2014.

The most powerful earthquake of the year was recorded last year, a magnitude 3.1 quake, which occurred on December 20, 2016, in California and has been recorded by seismometers around the world.

Scientists don’t yet know how the second earthquake occurred, but a large portion of the fault in California has not ruptured, and no significant earthquake has been felt in the area.

Earthquakers are the most common cause of earthquakes in the West, and earthquakes in California are expected to be worse than those in California due to the lack of seismometers there.

As a result, scientists say the risk of earthquakes and volcanoes erupting in California will increase over the next decade.

The next quake to occur in the US will likely be a magnitude 5.5 earthquake, and the next to occur could be a 5.9 quake, according to the US Geological Survey.

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