The best places to get a free copy of the ‘Pixels’ book

Wired: You can get the free eBook on the back of your new book, “The Best Places to Get a Free Copy of the “Pixels” Book,” available now for $14.99. 

You can pick up a free digital copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $9.99, or the print version is $14, but the Kindle edition is $7.99 a copy. 

The eBook includes a list of recommended reading titles, and you can also print the book. 

If you don’t like the ebook, you can return it and buy a digital version of the book for $5.99 or $9, depending on the size of your printout. 

 You can buy the book through Amazon or B&N, and both print and e-book versions are available for purchase. 

You’ll find more details on the book at 

The best places you can get a FREE copy of “The Pixels” eBook at the link below.

Free Kindle ebook at Amazon Free print ebook at Barnes & Nobles The Best Books to Get the Kindle eBook