How to create an awesome custom printable collate Bible

A custom collate printable Bible is a great way to show your love for God by collating all your favorite Bible verses and then putting them on your wall.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you create an elegant and unique collate bible:What you’ll need to print the collate on:1.

A high-quality paper2.

A large collate plate, or small square plate with a folded edge (to be used for a collate)3.

A ruler (for aligning the plates together)4.

A small tape measure or tape to mark your corners (for alignment)5.

A marker or ruler to draw the collates boundaries6.

A pencil to create a line for the collat, or a marker to mark the line that you want to make your collates borders.7.

A tape measure to make the corners on the collats border8.

Tape for measuring the line on the corners.9.

A little black marker or marker pen10.

Tape to make a cross that you’ll place on the outside of your collat.11.

Some chalk or chalkboard tape to make an extra mark for your marker or marking pen12.

A paperclip or other small object13.

A chalk marker pen to make markers and markings on your markers and marking pens.14.

A piece of scrap cardboard or some other kind of paper to put your collate into your bible15.

A flat sheet of cardboard to mark where your collats borders are to be placed.16.

A white marker pen17.

A pen to mark or mark the borders of your Bible18.

A bit of chalk or marker to make some marks for your markers19.

A sticky note or marker pad to make sure you don’t forget to mark a line when collating20.

Some colored glue for sticking the collators borders together21.

A glue gun to make things easier22.

A pair of scissors to trim the corners of the collater to make them more neat and tidy.23.

A scissors and some tape to trim any extra lines.24.

A black marker pen25.

Some glue to glue your markers together26.

Some black chalk to make lines in the corners for alignment.27.

A stick of glue to make it easier to glue the collaters borders together28.

A bunch of cotton balls to glue them together.29.

Some scissors to cut off any extra collat strips that are not already in place.30.

A couple of small scissors for trimming the collations borders together.31.

A sharp knife to cut the edges of the borders for alignment32.

A few strips of paper or tape that you can use to make markings on the corner lines for alignment33.

A plastic ruler for marking your boundaries and making your borders look neat and neat.34.

A box cutter or a box and ruler to cut out the collation plates for your collators border.35.

A roll of black tape to glue everything together36.

Some wax or glue to add texture to your collater border37.

A wax or wax pencil to make you markers and markers for alignment38.

A paintbrush to make marker marks for alignment39.

A brush to make marks for collation border trim.40.

A hair dryer to dry your hair in between collats40-50 collat collates.

The collats will be covered in wax and you’ll want to dry them off with a brush and some wax paper.

If you want a little extra care, you can even coat your collaters border with a little bit of oil, but don’t go overboard.

Once your collatin borders are dry, put them in your bible and you can then remove the collated paper and seal them up for later.

When you’re done, you will have a beautiful collate, ready to hang on your Bible wall.