Israeli officials to hold news conference on Palestinian prisoners

Israeli officials will hold a news conference today to address the recent rise in Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails, an Israeli security source said.

“The Israeli security establishment will hold an information session today to discuss the recent trend in the Palestinian prisoners, who have increased from 3,500 to 7,000 in the past month,” the source said, without elaborating.

The announcement comes days after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for an end to Israel’s “abusive” occupation and announced plans to convene a Palestinian government in Ramallah.

Earlier this week, the Palestinian Authority announced it would allow a prisoner to leave its jails and seek medical treatment.

The official Palestinian news agency Wafa said Abbas’ call for the release of Palestinian prisoners was “in accordance with the agreements and commitments reached between the Palestinian and Israel governments.”

“It was decided to release a Palestinian prisoner because of the circumstances of his arrest and imprisonment,” the report said.

The prisoner was arrested in February 2016 for allegedly throwing stones at a security fence, sparking clashes with Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli military has been accused of violating international law by detaining Palestinians in Israeli prisons, including Palestinian children.

Israeli authorities have said the detentions have led to the deterioration of the prison conditions, and that many of the prisoners are in need of medical treatment and are being held without charge.

Last month, Israel imposed a lockdown on Jerusalem, the Israeli capital, in response to an attack by a Palestinian teenager who killed a settler.

The Palestinian Authority and Israel say the lockdown is necessary because of heightened security threats to the Jewish state.