A New Jersey woman gets her first tattoo with her family’s money

NEW YORK — A woman who got her first tattoos when she was 17 says she has a message for anyone else who might want to try the same.

Alicia Bostick got her tattoo in 2008 after a trip to a hospital for a concussion.

Her mother and sister had been struggling with their health problems for years, and she was feeling overwhelmed.

The tattoo artist asked her if she wanted to get her first and said, “Yes,” she told ABC News.

She said the tattoo took less than an hour to complete.

“It took me the best part of 10 minutes,” she said.

Bostick said she decided to do the tattoo after she saw a video of another woman getting her first, and then her first one after a year and a half.

When she got her second tattoo, Bostock said, it was much more complicated, but she was determined to get hers the same way.

This time, she says she received a lot of support from the community.

But the tattoo artist didn’t give her much time to consider what she wanted her tattoo to be, so she decided she wanted it on her back.

“I felt that I was able to put a name to my body that was something that had been there for me for so long,” Bosticks mother, Susan Bostack, said.

Bosticks tattoo of the stars and stripes comes in her favorite color, blue.

She has a star and stripes tattoo on her chest.

She said she got the star tattoo in her hometown of Lincolns.