Nike’s new “Nike+” ad campaign features all-white sneakers

Nike is launching a new advertising campaign for its “Nikes+” service that highlights the brand’s all-black, black-and-white lines in a bid to broaden appeal in a black-majority market.

The new Nike+ ad campaign, which will run across Nike+ stores nationwide, will feature images of the company’s iconic black and white sneakers and an all-color palette that includes gold, brown and green, as well as the brand name Nike.

The new ad also includes a video that shows Nike’s iconic logo in all its glory and shows fans how to customize their sneakers using a Nike+ app.

Nike said in a statement that the new ad campaign highlights the companys commitment to diversity in the footwear industry and to the people who work for Nike and are part of its communities.

“Nike’s ‘Nikes’ campaign will be the first time we have used all-natives to help us sell sneakers in a way that is inclusive and in line with our values,” said Dan Wiederman, chief brand officer for Nike+ in a press release.

“We are honored to partner with the world’s leading brands on the Nike+ experience.

This campaign is a great opportunity for Nike to be more inclusive and to create more lasting memories with its fans.”

The ad is being produced by Nylon Lab, a digital agency that has worked on a number of Nike+ campaigns.

It was produced by The Wines Group, the agency behind the ad campaign for the “All-Stars” for the Golden State Warriors, and the Nike Plus campaign for women.

The campaign will debut on Nov. 11.