Top-rated laser printer is a new model that uses more advanced technology

NEW YORK (AP) A new laser printer offers the cheapest way to print on a computer screen and has raised the bar for other printers that promise to outperform competitors.

A new $200,000 model from U.S. laser printer maker LaserCut offers more flexibility than the popular Laserjet printers and is more reliable, faster and more environmentally friendly, the company says.

It’s the first new laser printing machine in 20 years and will be available in the U.K. and other markets soon.

LaserJet is based in suburban Philadelphia and sells printers in Europe and Asia.

LaserCut says it has delivered its most affordable laser printer to the U., and that the new model will be cheaper than other printers, which cost up to $4,000 to build.

The printer has a capacity of 200 sheets, but can print more than 1,500 sheets at a time.

It can also be upgraded to more advanced printers, including an ultra-low-cost version that can print up to 500 sheets a minute, according to the company.LATEST BUSINESS VIDEOS Now Playing: A man who’s lost nearly all of his money and is struggling to find work has been released from a nursing home.

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