Laser printer costs more than $3,000 to assemble

The $3.3 million laser printer the state of Florida used to make laser-printing documents for its health insurance plan was $3 million to $3M to build, state officials say.

The printers used in those plans cost less than $100,000, but the state will have to pay for the cost of the printers, which are not yet sold in the state, said John H. White, chairman of the Florida Department of Health Services.

Florida has sold 1,000 of the machines.

White said that because the printers were used for state-sponsored health insurance, the state could not use the money for the printers to create state-issued medical records.

He said the printers will be returned to the state for free, so it does not have to worry about recouping the costs.

The printer is one of four used by Florida’s health insurance companies to make health records, according to a news release from the department.

A federal lawsuit filed in February against the state says the state cannot use the printers for state purposes.

The suit claims that the printers violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.