3D printers are coming to the Amazon Alexa platform, but only for a short time

Mashable is reporting that Amazon Alexa will be able to recognize 3D models on an individual basis.

Alexa will recognize 3d models based on their appearance, shape, and scale, which means that a device like a 3D printer can now be recognized and controlled from Amazon’s platform.

It will not, however, recognize a 3d model that is not of a specific shape or scale.

Amazon’s Alexa app, for example, can recognize a variety of 3D objects.

However, there’s currently no built-in way to recognize a specific 3D model, which has led some to speculate that Amazon might soon offer a dedicated category for 3D printing, a feature that would allow users to specify the shape of a model and even customize its appearance.

Amazon is reportedly still working on its platform for 3d printing.

The company has previously said that it plans to launch the platform for devices at some point, but hasn’t released a timeline.