Why I’ve stopped buying my phone for photos

Apple’s iPad Mini is a great photo-editing device.But its photo editing software, Photo Booth, is one of the worst photo editors I’ve ever used.Photo Booth does not allow you to set up your photo editing preferences.In fact, it even warns you about things like using your iPad Mini to view […]

How to buy a Canon printer

The Canon printer support in Israel and the UK is notoriously poor.Canon’s printers are designed for the “professional” printer market, not the mass market.So if you want to print books, you’ll have to be an expert.However, if you’re looking to print an animal print, you’re probably not going to be […]

Louis Vuitton prints best printer, wins Best Print

LOUIS VUITTON SHIPPED 11.5 MILLION PRODUCTS TO NEW YORK CITY FOR TWO DAYS TO PREPARATE FOR THE HOLIDAY SALE.The luxury label has sent 11.2 million items to retail stores and online stores in New York City and Philadelphia for two days of limited stock availability.Louis Vuittons most popular colors include […]

A $5,000 printout for a little more money

The printer ink used to print your new iPhone’s new wallpaper is made by a Chinese manufacturer, but the product is available to buy for $5.99 from Amazon.The printer is made of “a high-quality polymer,” and is the same kind of plastic used to make printer paper, the company notes […]

How to print your own dot matrix printer

New technology could help you print the kind of books you need in less time.A team of Australian scientists has developed a printer that can print the latest books on demand, without the need for a dedicated space.“The dot matrix technology was originally developed for printing the original Microsoft Word,” […]

How to print your own digital photos

Digital photos are one of the fastest growing trends in photography, but there’s a lot of confusion over how to print digital photos.We asked the experts, from companies that make digital photos to photographers who use them, what their best tips are on how to make the most of digital […]

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