How to make inkjet prints from your iPad

By now you should know that Apple has finally released a new iPad model that can handle inkjet printers, and the inkjet printing app for the iPad is now available for the first time.In addition to the new iPad models and the InkjetPrint app, Apple also released a couple of […]

Vinyl printer maker offers $2,500 discount on printer

Business Insider: The online retailer has offered a $2.50 discount to customers who purchase a new printer.The company says the discount is valid through October 11.The website says it will offer the discount until November 12.The discount is not available to customers that purchase a printer from the company’s […]

Why You Need a 3D Printer

Printing is all about cost.With the advent of cheaper, more flexible printers and cheaper 3D printing, you’re likely to see more affordable and more effective printers.But there are also cheaper, less flexible, less-optimal printers that offer the best bang for your buck.So here are a few of our favorite 3D […]

Bear print, flyer printing, home decor

Bear print and flyer print are among the most popular and popular designs for home decor, with a growing number of designs for everyday items including lamps, wall hangings, curtains and sofas.Bear print is the most commonly used print material, with more than 100 designs for wallpaper and other accessories, […]

How to 3D print your own home with this 3D printer

3D printing is a pretty cool thing.We can print things we’ve made ourselves using existing hardware.But there’s a downside.As technology improves, the costs to get a printer to produce 3D models, or to make them in the first place, increase dramatically.This is why it’s a huge challenge for anyone trying […]

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