What’s next for the GOP? [Blog post]

Diggs and her colleagues were joined by fellow conservatives who are not so sure.“I think we’ve seen a little bit of a plateau in terms of the Republican Party,” said David Schnall, a political science professor at George Washington University and the author of The Republican Party: A Guide to […]

How to print your own HP LaserJet printer

You can print your HP Laserjet printer from your computer, iPad, or Android tablet.If you need help with the print, visit our HP Laser Jet Printing page.The HP Laserjets have an open source software that lets you print your printer, but it can be a bit cumbersome to set up […]

How to get a new logo for your website

Google is testing a new way to display its logo.The Google logo is a circular design with a large white circle around it.It has been in use since 2006, and Google is rolling out a new version that can also be used to promote your website.The new version has been […]

What’s the cheapest 3D printer you can buy?

What’s your 3D printing experience?Are you a DIYer who makes your own parts?Do you have an interest in robotics, 3D printed objects, 3d printing, and the 3D print shop?Join the conversation on CNN iReport.Follow the CNN iReporter on Facebook and Twitter for more CNN iReports and breaking news.

How to build a laserjet printout of your home

It’s been a while since I last wrote about how to print your home from a laser, and that’s because I’ve been working on a new product that is the culmination of years of research and design.Called HP LaserJet, it is essentially a printer with a laser in it.HP’s laserjet […]

How to use HP’s latest printer app

The most basic app you can download on your Android device is the one that allows you to print out a single image from your phone.The one that makes your phone’s display look like the world’s largest inkjet printer.But there are a lot of great apps for more advanced printing […]

HP to release HP tango printing technology in Q2 2017

HP has signed an agreement with Fujitsu for the manufacture of printing technologies to be used by its new Fujitsu printer.The HP press release states that Fujitsu will provide HP with printing technology that will be used in HP’s new printing platform.Fujitsu is the largest supplier of printers for HP, […]

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